Rosi Hollinbeck

This book belongs in every middle-grade classroom and may well sneak into the high school classrooms as well. It’s that good. Kids and teachers alike will be grateful for this [...]

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Amy Leidtke

I consider Heidi Olinger’s work to be an excellent choice for the home, afterschool, or school library.

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Keynote Speaking — Ann

Heidi is not only a successful business woman but a high-content speaker. She connects with any audience on many levels. The topics she presented to my groups centered around both [...]

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Janine Brouillette

I found Leonardo’s Science Workshop to be a fascinating book on science, design, experiments, and STEAM projects. It is a good book to have in a classroom or school library [...]

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Science of Kids

Great science book. Wonderful explanations with easy to follow examples and activities to do with your child. Science was always something I worried about teaching, but with tools like this [...]

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New York Journal of Books

Leonardo’s Science Workshop would make an excellent resource for teachers looking for multidisciplinary lesson plans with an emphasis on the pure sciences and technology.

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